Monday, June 1, 2009

The Canales family came for a visit

We had a great visit with Carl, Julie and Jack this weekend. They drove up from Denver on Thursday night and we got to play around all day Friday and Saturday. We took it easy on Friday and had a picnic lunch in the park. The weather was great and the boys got so dirty digging in the sand. They were covered in sunscreen and dirt....of course they loved it! We headed home for a bath and naptime, and then out to a nice dinner. It was also the weekend the carnival was in town. After dinner, we walked around the carnival to take in the lights and music. The kids were amazed at the rides and the lights. They had a few rides that did not have height requirements and were made for the toddlers. Jack and Emmett rode in cars and then took a helicopter ride. Emmett loved the car at first and then we think he lost track of Luke while the ride was spinning around. They had to stop the ride so he could get off. He really loved the helicopter ride, but I think it was cause Daddy was riding in the back of the helicopter with him. We shared a funnel cake and headed for home. On Saturday, we decided to head up to Pahaska Teepee for lunch and a short ride(basically we drove to the east entrance of Yellowstone). We only saw one lone buffalo. Kind of a bummer. We talked the animals up to the kids. I KNOW! It's not a zoo........ Emmett and Jack loved playing with the bear statue and running around in the grass, so it wasn't a total loss. We enjoyed a nice lunch and went back to Cody. The kiddos only napped about 20-30 mins on the ride home and then played hard outside for another 4 hours. Needless to say, they ate dinner and soon after went to bed. Julie, Carl, Luke and I feasted on steaks and lived up the quiet time. Julie and I, being the bumps on the log, aka the pregnant ladies, were asleep by 10pm. Sunday morning was a biscuits and gravy extravaganza with pancakes for the kids. Then off to Denver went the Canales family. Emmett had such a great time playing with Jack. Only a few meltdowns over the Cars, but otherwise they had a ball. Can't wait to hear what Julie and Carl are having: boy or girl. They find out next week. Stay tuned!