Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, we are on the final countdown. 30 days-only one more month- til Jolene arrives! I think because we are busy for the next few weeks, the time should pass pretty quickly. We are starting to have warmer weather and less rainy days, so we are spending quite a bit of time outdoors. Sure makes life easier with Emmett! Luke and I planted the garden this past weekend. Seems to be holding its own. And the rabbits haven't found the open-all-night buffet yet! Since the driveway is mostly completed, we also planted a few flowers in the turnaround. I figured they are better to look at than dirt. Eventually we will landscape with a tree and more substantial plants.
Emmett is doing well in his final week of swim lessons. He is with an instructor, while I watch from the sidelines. He cried the first week but it seems to be a thing of the past. He had a great time in class yesterday and we look forward to class this morning. I am going to put him on the waiting list for the next class in July to keep up the fun. As long as I don't have to don the bathing suit....he can keep swimming.
My mom and sister arrive in less than two weeks for the Fourth of July festivities. We don't have much planned this year. Kinda looking forward to an easy going weekend: food, some drinks, fireworks, the rodeo and just darn good company.