Monday, June 1, 2009

What an eventful day...

Our day started off kinda strange with the craziest tantrum I have ever experienced(and I'm sure it's not the last!). Emmett and I were in the basement. Me, I was posting the last blog and Emmett was playing with his cars. He brought a few to me and asked if we could go upstairs. we head to the stairs and Emmett wanted to be carried up the stairs. He is getting too big for me to be doing that and I simply said no. WOW! He sat on the bottom stair for about 10 minutes wailing. I just went about my morning like I didn't hear him. After a bit I called my mom to make sure I was doing the right thing. I put her on speaker phone and she tried to coax Emmett up the stairs(now it is a battle of who is going to hold out the longest). I do not want to give in and get him cause he'll think he can pull this crap all the time. I hung up with mom and tried talking to him and he eventually came up the stairs and climbed in my lap. He asked for a binky and his blankets and off to bed he went. Mind you it is only 9am! We've been up since 6:30am but he doesn't take a nap til 1pm or so. That whole ordeal lasted about 20 mins, but I was worn out when it was over. Then he woke up about an hour plus and ate lunch and we headed in for his first swim lesson of the summer. It went great. When we got home, there was an exciting surprise for both Emmett and I. The land was being grated! Yea! Landscaping! For Emmett, he loved watching the "caterpillar" push dirt around. It is certainly the most expensive event to make your son happy, but I am going to live it up for the next 3 days! The videos are pretty funny. I tried to capture Emmett asking me what the "caterpillar's" name was, but never got it on tape. They are using a John Deere, so I told him the "caterpillar's" name was John. Now he goes to the window to see where "John" is. Boy if my dad could have only heard that conversation.....He's either laughing or crying(cause it's not CAT!).