Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Everyone, this is Bruno, Emmett's new found love. The other weekend when we all went to Billings, we stopped at Kohl's to get Luke a few new shirts. While checking out, Kohls always has their $5 stuffed animal/book deals at the end of the counter. Emmett fell in love with this dog and who could say no to a $5 dollar contribution to the children's hospital here in town(I mean, what if we should ever need their expertise?). He didn't put that dog down all day and hasn't since. Well, Bruno(not sure how he got that name), had a boo-boo yesterday and Emmett brought me the dog and a Cars band-aid. The band-aids these days are way more sticky than what I remember as a kid and we couldn't get it off the dog once it had been on for a few hours. After Emmett went to bed, I took some goo gone to the dog's leg and low and behold, the band-aid came off. We stuck him in the wash and Emmett had a healthy puppy when he woke up this morning. I have to mention that he is now covered in peanut butter from my toast this morning, but Emmett doesn't seem to mind.