Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dino Museum

A few of us ladies went to the dino museum in Thermopolis Wyoming this morning. Dawn, who has a newborn, Cade, all of a month old and Jaren, who is 2 1/2, Courtney and the girls, plus Emmett and I took off this morning for an hour plus car ride to the museum. We were certainly not too sure of what to expect. It was an over sized metal building that literally took us about 10 minutes to walk through. The kids seemed to really enjoy the museum, as the museum workers didn't care if the kids ran their hearts out. They ran and ran and ran circles around the huge erected dinosaur bones. Sure, they ohhhhhed and ahhhhed for the first few minutes, but that soon wore off and they started running. Courtney, Dawn and I brought lunches and got to enjoy a bit of chatting before nap time hit the children like a ton of bricks. It was time to head out. They all had naps in the car, but could have lasted longer for all us moms. We were worn out as well. It was good to have gone and seen the museum, but it is definitely a one time visit only kinda place.