Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy boy

Emmett sure keeps us busy these days. I have really been trying to video some of the funny moments, but seem to never catch him in the act. For instance, I swear the camera was rolling(come to find out, I was wrong!) when he sang "the Itsy Bitsy Spider". SOOOO Freakin' cute and then he wouldn't perform it again when asked. He also loves the window clings that I got out for Easter. He moves them around the window and redecorates all day long. And for once, they don't seem to go into his mouth. I think we may have gotten past that stage....fingers crossed.
Luke is hosting the poker game this evening. About 8 guys coming over for many cocktails and hopefully to leave their money at the door!
We find out Monday what we are having. Should make for an extra long weekend!
I promise, Grandmas, that I will keep trying to videotape the singing.