Friday, March 27, 2009

Emmett's charming vocabulary

Emmett has become quite the chatter bug lately. Replies to every comment and has very funny things to say these days. For instance.....
Yesterday, Emmett was riding his motorized 4 wheeler around the house. He stopped at the bathroom, where I was, flung open the door, rode his bike in and states"Seatbelts, Mommy. So we can be safe!", laughed and turned his bike around and rode out. Needless to say, I was in a good spot to nearly pee my pants. I believe he got that one from Dora the Explorer. She always wears her seatbelt and says it's to be safe. Maybe enough tv time this week?
Daddy seems to have more of the mockingbird syndrome on his hands. The other night, Emmett knocked over dad's pop and dad exclaimed "Damn it!". Emmett repeated this word over and over until Luke could get him on something else. Luke thought this was the end of it.....yesterday, Emmett knocked/poured out his glass of water and says"Damn it!" picked up his glass and dropped it again and says "Damn it!" maybe a bit louder, just in case I didn't hear him. I think I was in shock at the words coming out of a two year and six day olds mouth. Luke is pleased that it took him until after two!