Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emmett's all-day birthday!

We had such a great day for Emmett's birthday. It began with opening cards the night before! He loves the singing cards, unlike his father who despises the annoying things. Both grandparents sent singing cards and Aunt Chrissy sent one that was a little off....but really funny. Emmett was not sure about it at first, but eventually laughed when he opened it. The card starts ticking and then explodes into this high pitch chatter of "birthday time" and "it's your birthday" and other stuff. I am not sure how much you can decipher from the video!
We went to the park the next day since the weather was beautiful and there was no wind. Otherwise we would have had to hole up indoors like we are this weekend! Glad the weather gods were smiling on Emmett's birthday! A few of our friends met up, had a small lunch and cupcakes to celebrate and went home for naps. When Emmett woke up, we headed into town and met Luke at the rec center to go swimming. He loves the pool and it was the perfect treat with Daddy! Nothing exciting for dinner except presents! He wouldn't even sit to eat he was so excited. Basically they were gifts leftover from Christmas(hence, the snowman wrapping paper!) that we never got to. He loves the ramps garage and the truck hauler, could care less about the books I got him, oh well. Then after bath time and PJ's, he got to go to the basement and receive his big gift from Grammy and Poppy, Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Chrissy (and a little bit from his parents). A woodland climber play gym. He loves it. I have been in the basement playing since around 6:45m this morning. He takes his cars to the top and races them down the slide and follows them down, then runs around and does it again. "My turn! My turn!" like anyone else is playing with it at the time?!
We have one last little birthday dinner with the Andersons this evening with a tiny cake for Emmett and the girls and delicious steaks for the adults. I made a cake for us as well, don't worry- the pregnant girls will get their cake too! It just doesn't have the bright blue frosting, balloons and candles on it. It should be a good time.