Thursday, April 9, 2009

Visit with Grammy

We were able to head home last week to visit with Grammy. It was a very nice visit, a bit of snow, and a ton of running errands. We got to visit with Debbie for lunch one day and do a bit of shopping in Denver. I think I have just about everything I could possibly need for this next baby(except maybe some peace and quiet, but that's overrated anyway, right?!). Aunt Chrissy came up to the house for dinner every night we were in town, so we got to see her quite a bit. She brought Easter candy for all to enjoy. Emmett had his first real taste of a Peep. Pretty funny and he, of course, loved it! Ken grilled steaks the night before the storm and we had a wonderful steak and lobster feast to welcome the many inches of snow. Emmett was invited to Jack Canales 2nd birthday party and he had a blast. Balloons, cupcakes, and lots of new toys. He actually snuck upstairs and was riding around on Jack's surprise motorized vehicle that had yet to be unveiled. Jack gave Emmett a belated birthday gift of beautiful wooden blocks and Cars undies. He loved wearing the big boy undies. Tantrum getting him into his nightime diaper!

Mom, Emmett and I drove back to Cody on Tuesday. We had great weather until the snow started falling early this morning, but it is supposed to be in the 60's for Easter on Sunday. Mom and I painted the baby's room today. It looks so nice to have color on the walls again. Joey's rooms will look just like Emmett's did at the Littleton house. Same paint color, same dot design and animals(aka same bedding!). We have not decided what to do with Emmett's room yet. I think we'll wait to see if he likes his big boy bed and then we can pick out sheets.