Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl

We woke up this morning to new snow on the ground! and daddy making french toast! What a treat. It has continued to snow throughout the day and have maybe a few inches on the ground. After a good breakfast, we bundled the kids up and threw them out in the snow. Jolene just loved walking around in the snow, creating new footprints. Emmett's favorite snow game was having me make him snowballs for him to then throw at me. We had a good time in the snow til we all started to get cold...even the photographer! Jolene screamed harder than anyone when we had to go inside. I think she'd still be out there shoveling snow with the sand shovel if we'd let her. She was fine after dad handed out apres-snow cookies and milk!

Later, after good naps are had, we are possibly heading to our friends' home for football and food. I guess it's up to Mother Nature if we go or not....