Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pajama Day

Today was PJ day at preschool. I was planning on running errands and playing at Grammy's until Emmett was done for the day, BUT it turns out Amber's little boy Dylan was sick and she couldn't stay to help out. I called mom and she kept Jolene for the morning so I could parent help. It is really nice that Dawn lives really close to mom and she just dropped off Jolene so I could stay! It just so happens that I had my camera with me in the car, so I thought I would document the special occasion! The kids had such a great time. Almost all of them brought their PillowPets with them, which worked out great since the day was all about the letter P. We had pancakes as a snack and played with purple Playdoh all while in their pajamas! Lucky me to have gotten to witness all the fun!