Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playing catchup

Since today is a high of -6 degrees and we won't be leaving the house unless it starts on fire...I thought I should at least update the blog! Sorry fellow followers. A lot has happened since I last posted, but I really can't remember most of it! so here's the gist. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! The kids are growing like crazy. Jolene is speaking in sentences and certainly has an opinion about it all. Emmett is loving school and Grammy's house.
As for things we've done... now that Mom is here, Luke and I have gone out a few times. As a fund raiser for the local animal shelter, they held small dog races that you could bet on. We met up with a few friends and pre-partied and then went to bet on the corgis and jack russells. It was a blast and if they do this again this summer the kids are sure to go with us. Emmett would love to cheer on the dogs and Jolene just loves anything to do with "puppys". Eventually we will have to break down and get a dog, but a lawn really needs to be in place first(so the said dog can then pee all over it and ruin what we've started!).
Next came my hosting of a few baby showers for friends in MOPS. Dawn had her third baby boy right before Christmas, so we held a shower after the fact since she had no idea which: blue or pink. I was rooting for pink, but now that he's here, blue is pretty great too! Cruz is a darn cutie. I must say that three boys would probably end me, but she's doing alright. The second shower was originally my MOPS table fellowship for January, but since Sonya is at our table and in due next month, we turned it into a shower for all to enjoy. I of course love to host parties, but most of all I get to test out new recipes! It was fun, but glad they are over. Time to relax.