Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birfday, Mummy!

Jolene is so darn cute when she says "Happy Birfday Mummy!" For my gift, Mom picked up Emmett from Preschool so I would only have one kiddo for the day. Emmett loved this idea because he got Grammy all to himself, as well as her basement. This means, that when Joey is not around, he gets to break out the tiny legos. Otherwise known as "stuff Joey will put in her mouth and choke on". It turned out that Emmett was picked to bring home the class pet, a stuffed sea horse named Fireman. Fireman, Emmett and Grammy baked my a cake for my birthday. Luke, Jolene and I were invited over for a birthday dinner at Grammy's. It was nice to not have to prepared my own dinner or bake my own cake. Thanks, Fireman! (just kidding thanks mom!) It was a nice time and really enjoyed some time with Joey alone. Except that she was sick and grouchy...ok, it was nice to only have one sick and grouchy kid for the day. Luke got me a really nice bread knife and paring knife for my 35th birthday. Right, I am only 34, but Luke thought I was 35-so did mom! What?! I really don't need any help feeling older than I am. Thanks for the knives. I know just what to do with them! ;) There was also a beautiful sunset the night of my birthday. Gorgeous with the mountains from mom's back deck.