Monday, January 31, 2011

Growing up

Jolene has been quite the grown up lately. Speaking in sentences, not taking good naps(to my dismay), and starting to use the potty. We've been sitting her on the potty at bath time and she is now going #1 regularly. But when she came to me last night and told me she needed to use the potty?! and she #2'd!!!! We were blown away. Then about 30 minutes later, she says it again! So I take off her footed PJs, remover her diaper, thinking that this is just a waste of my time, sit her on the potty and she pees! At this point, I called my mom and needed to be reminded that this is just a fluke(good work, mom!) and came back to reality. She is showing interest earlier than Emmett and I truly believe that she will potty train easier than him as well, but to start at 18 months?!

Ok, enough about the amazing Jolene. Here are some fun times with Emmett the great. We watched a bit of the X games this weekend. Crazy people on snowmobiles doing flips off jumps and snowboarders at breakneck speeds flying around the halfpipe(working on my lingo!). Emmett loves it! "That's what I want to do!" Over my dead body. Anyway, he set up his own "halfpipe" with my stools and races his tiny skateboard and cars up and down and flips and tricks. He has a pretty great imagination these days. Preschool is so much fun for him and for me as well. I get to help out a few times a semester. It's really interesting watching him interact with the other kids and his teacher. Emmett almost always runs for the imaginative play center or the train table, while the others move around quite a bit: art center, library, drawing/learning center. Not Emmett. Not once while I have been there does he ever participate in the art or craft of the day. All the other families have artwork to hang on the fridge, but not us. He would rather play. I guess the other day, when mom picked him up, he played with paints. They pretended to be Michelangelo and paint the Sistine Chapel. Mrs. McLain hung paper up on the underside of the table and the kids laid on their back's and painted. Mom said Emmett had a bit of green paint in his hair when she got there. At least he tried it. I am really glad he loves it so much, cause I will never hang paper on the underside of my table and let him down there with a paintbrush! Thank you preschool.