Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

It was a really nice Christmas this year. Chrissy and Mom drove up the Tuesday before and we had a few days to play before the big holiday. We got a sitter and Luke, Mom, Chrissy and I went out to a nice dinner- sans kids! What a gift to ourselves. A few too many glasses of wine found us out looking at the Christmas lights and dropping mom at home a bit early. We woke up the next day with a bit of holiday humbug and perked up after a few glasses of water and a bite of breakfast. We went over to Mom's to help carry in some boxes and to let the kids play in her basement. That night, we had planned a GNO with friends Brandi and Ingrid. We decide it would be more about the appetizers than the wine! Mom, Chrissy and I started out at the sushi place and then moved over to the steakhouse, where we met the other girls. Lots of great conversation, great food and a few glasses of wine. We took mom home and met Brandi for one more holiday drink before we went home. The next morning Luke and Chrissy went to Sleeping Giant for a day of skiing/boarding. The weather was pretty awesome, a bit of new snow and the sun was shining. Later that afternoon, Emmett and Luke sprinkled magic reindeer dust all over the yard. Magic reindeer dust consists of oatmeal and sequins and glitter. That way the reindeer sould smell the oats and santa sould see the sparkles in the moonlight. No way would he miss our house that night. We also expect some really interesting deer poop in the near future! We had a pretty calm dinner for Christmas eve and Mom and I went to Christmas eve service. Thinking it would be filled with Christmas carols, it wasn't. Alternative solos and wordy sermons instead. I guess the carols were at the early "family" service. It was still in the beautiful spirit of the holiday and I'm glad we went. Christmas morning wasn't too early-about 6:45am. Emmett was awake pretty quick once he heard Jolene's morning cry. I was heading down to wake up Chrissy when I sent him to potty-cause he was headed out to the tree. As I was walking back up the stairs, he ran by in a blur and started yelling that Santa had been here. Jolene was getting changed by mom and I was trying to get the camera ready....a whirlwind start to our morning. The kids had a ball opening gifts, especially Emmett. He was so excited that he got what he had asked Santa for.(Luckily, Jolene and I had already picked out one of those items-Joker Castle- and Santa Chrissy had on her own bought the Buzzlight Year jet pack/wings.) We made a bit of breakfast and mimosas and then Emmett remembered that we have a tree in the basement! What did Santa leave under THAT tree? It appears that he left us a Wii. It has been really fun and Emmett is exceptional at it. Not really a surprise-male.child.Luke's kid.....need I say more? It was a very nice Christmas day-we even got to sit outside and let the kids play in the warm sun! Luke played us tune or two on Emmett's new guitar. Would have sounded better if it was Ken playing......Maybe next year! I attempted to overcook the standing rib roast-which I accomplished! Chrissy flew out early Sunday morning, so I dropped her off at the airport and Mom and I went shopping in Billings for the day. We had a great time and got a ton done(It's amazing what you can get done without having to haul the kids around with you!).