Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty Prize

Jolene is starting to take after her brother. It seems that I find her in all the same stuff that got Emmett in trouble or got his picture on the blog. She likes to get in behind the pullout trash can in the kitchen, loves to play with our bathtub handles and loves to sing with Elmo. Two peas in a pod.

Emmett has gotten to a phase where I am trying to have him nap every other day. At night he is sometimes up til 9 or 9:30 playing in his room(I am usually in bed by then and can hear him!). No nap seems to be helpful at bedtime as he falls right to sleep, but when he tries to fall asleep at 4:45 while I am making dinner, a freight train couldn't wake him up. He fell asleep basically sitting up the other day. He gets so tired from no nap that he'll pass out anywhere-usually in front of the TV. I let him take a catnap and then attempt to wake him up before Luke gets home from work. Emmett also completed his potty chart! We were having a setback of "accidents" every day, so we started a potty chart where he would earn different things up to the final goal of a goldfish. So after a week, he earned the bowl. The next week was the rocks and food all the way to the fish this past weekend. So Emmett and I went to Walmart to the fish "farm" to pick out his first pet. To our dismay, there was a sign up on the aquarium that read "Common goldfish are on backorder." What?! He didn't seem to mind. "We'll take the big one instead" he says pointing at the koi fish meant for a pond. I had to explain that we have a bowl that is not meant for a fish of his size and we moved on. I have to call Walmart to see if the fish has been restocked so we may go pick out Emmett's potty prize....only to take it to the neighbor's house while we are in Denver for the next week!