Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Emmett has really been cracking me up lately. The other day, I caught him with his hand up his shorts on the living room couch. I simply stated that he should remove his hand from his shorts and that it is not something we do in public. His response was: "Mom. You will never guess what just happened. My hand was tickling my junk. Isn't that funny?!"

The next day while he was eating lunch he began whimpering and crying. He has decided that he no longer needs his booster chair to eat upon and so he sits on his knees. Because of this new dining position, his feet fall asleep. Emmett explains it as "my feet are sparkling." "Mommy, my feet are sparkly and they hurt real bad." Sometimes it is really hard to stay calm and not laugh at the way things are described from a three year old. Jolene is starting to cramp his style around the house: touching his things, playing with his toys, eating his food(when he leaves it at her height-game over-she's a hound!). The straw that broke the camel's back was his chair. She now loves to climb into "his"chair and eat his breakfast or snack, whatever he has left unattended. Time for a new chair. I have my eye on a cute red chair in the antique store in town. I will have to go and price it out to see if we can remedy this situation.