Monday, June 28, 2010

Next stop....Grammy's!

After we left the springs, we stopped in Denver to see the Children's Museum. Mom met us there so we could swap out a car for Luke, as he had a class in Denver for the week. The museum was fun, maybe a bit much for Jolene to take in, but Emmett warmed up to the place towards the end. There was a bubble exhibit that was pretty fun, as well as a train set room, a forest room, a fire engine(make sure to notice Grammy looking in the window), and a place to build things out of recycled materials. In the bubble exhibit, you could blow bubbles with all kinds of fun tools, especially one big one that you could stand in! Afterwards, we made a quick stop for lunch before heading up to Grammy's. She had a new Thomas the Train set for Emmett to play with(such great neighbors to share the toys!).He had a blast, but I was the one who had to try and set it up. I was about finished when Emmett says "You sure did a great job mom, but when is Aunt Chrissy coming?". Oh well, you can't be good at everything. Jolene loved the stairs and is becoming a pro- it's the coming down part that still needs to be figured out. She loves the car out on the deck and would scream with joy when someone would push her around. She also got her first real taste of watermelon. New love of her life- I think she eats it daily! Uncle Ken smoked ribs on Friday for for dinner and Luke drove up after he finished his class. Most of time, Mom and I drug the kids around town trying to shop for the upcoming 4th of July party in Cody. Should be a great party!