Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Luke and Deb and I took the kids to the zoo on Monday morning, while Mark had a bit of work to finish. We got to see the giraffes(crazy how Deb and the giraffe have the exact same look in the picture ;) ), wallabies, monkeys, hippos, bears fighting in the water, leopards, crocs, mountain lions, turkeys, a moose, a porcupine, and so many others that I can't even remember! Poor Jolene was very tired toward the end of the zoo...so we packed up and went downtown to meet Mark for lunch. She went down for the count and we got to have a fun lunch downtown. Afterwards, we went to the fountain in the downtown area, called Uncle Wilbur, because the top of the fountain pops up and a man (statue) comes up and plays jazzy sort of music and sprays water all around. It was pretty hot and Emmett and Jolene had a blast. At first Emmett cried cause he didn't have his swim trunks, but once he and daddy got wet it didn't seem to matter anymore. Jolene walked with grandma and grandpa up towards the fountain and just laughed out loud. She loved the splash of the water and if she was walking on her own, would probably have been in the action. Definitely going to plan on seeing Uncle Wilbur again!