Thursday, May 20, 2010


We have had a few critters try to move in lately. First was the robin that made it's nest on the top of our garage door opener. Not such a good spot, but luckily we caught it in time and there was just the beginning of a nest-no babies! Then Emmett and I were outside playing with his sand table and we noticed a rabbit hopping around. I am not a fan of the bunnies cause they like the open buffet that I am about to plant in the garden. I would prefer not to have them around. Anyway, we have not been working too hard on the still huge dirt pile in the front of the house and the bunny decided that it was a great place to burrow and make a nest. We watched the bunny go in and out of the hole with nesting supplies. I made mental plans to fill in the hole so it would go elsewhere, but Emmett climbing on the pile did a pretty good job of that.