Thursday, May 6, 2010

back to bed

I should really just go back to bed and let the kids fend for themselves for the rest of today. It started out with more snow on the ground. If that doesn't make you want to stay in bed..... anyway, cold and snowy is the start to my day. Jolene wakes up and has a blown out diaper. On to breakfast, where Jolene pulls Emmett's cereal bowl, full of rice krispies and milk, off the table and onto the floor. Emmett screams and cries because she dumped his breakfast, then takes off running to the bathroom. He almost gets his pants down to pee. Notice the almost and the first pee of the day is always a doozie. The bathroom is now a complete disaster, as well as the living room and it's not even 8am! I finally got everything back to order and kids fed--ahhhhh, time for a cup of coffee. I go to put my water in the microwave to heat up and decide it's time to wash the glass turn plate. Shatters in the sink, cuts my hand and I still don't have coffee! The lover of band-aids, Emmett, gets me a band-aid from the freshly cleaned bathroom and makes it all better. I now have a cup of coffee, one napping child and thought I would share my morning with you all to make your day seem better.

Emmett will not sleep without his Thomas the Train pj's these days. It is freezing out and I told him he could keep the shirt on but that he had to put pants on instead of the shorts. At least the pants match.....but not what I meant.