Thursday, February 18, 2010

The lights went out in Cody!

Ok maybe not all of Cody, but the lights went out at our house for a few hours last night. The snow started to fall hard around 3 pm and the first outage was at 4pm. The lights came back on around 5pm and out again at 5:30pm. It woke Emmett up from his nap and at first Emmett was not quite sure what to think, but once he realized that he got to use the flashlight, he was ok. I showed him how much it had snowed and threw him outside to play and catch snowflakes. After awhile I called Luke and told him to bring home dinner since I couldn't cook(woo-hoo!) Once Luke got home, the lights came on and I still didn't have to cook! After "dinner", the boys bundled up and went out to get the mail. Nothing better to do. We also had a playdate on the floor in front of the gas fireplace with flashlights and lots of candles. Luke had to explain the "there are no monsters." and "that is just a shadow." Jolene went to bed as usual and thankfully, the lights came back on just in time to see the good parts of the Olympics that were on last night! We wound up with about 4-5 inches of snow out of the springtime-ish storm.

Jolene is doing pretty well at sitting now. I still prop her with the boppy pillow to make sure she doesn't bonk her head. Pretty cute!