Friday, February 19, 2010

Jolene at 7 months

We just got home from Jolene's 6-7 month visit with the doctor. She is doing great, a bit on the small to average size. She is 14.8 lbs and 26 1/2 inches tall. And a fighter! She fought those shots tooth and nail. So bad that she bent the needle twice and they had to start over with a new needle.
I was just informed by a naked-supposed to be napping- 2year old, that he pooped and peed in his diaper-which he was not wearing. Shocked, I took him back up to his room to see what kind of mess would be waiting for me. He just peed in his diaper and decided to take it off. We are getting close to potty training because he now hates when he pees in his diaper. I have recently started telling him that soccer starts this summer and they only wear big kid underwear to play. We'll see how that scars him for life or gets him potty trained. I put another diaper back on and put him back in bed for the remainder of what ever this nap time is, and had to get Jolene out of her crib, since that naptime has since ended as well. Turns out, she just wanted to spit up/vomit on my pants and the carpet just now while typing this post. Wonderful.
Prior to all of this mayhem, I have committed myself to the Self Challenge. It is a few months of workouts and strength training with food logs and the whole deal. Mom and I have a bet on who will lose more weight before she gets here in April. Winner gets taken to lunch at the tea room, with pricey coffees and dessert and lunch-the works. I plan on winning that bet and eating my heart out in April. Have a great trip Mom!