Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back to visit

We headed down to Colorado Springs for a visit with Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark. It was a great trip and we really enjoyed the time spent with family. we played some late night cards, Deb and I had some late night wine, a great dinner with the cousins(and Matt and Becky, of course!), and a fun lunch with Amy and her girlfriend Becky. I really enjoyed getting to know Becky and look forward to seeing she and Amy more! Deb and I took the kids to have their pictures done at a Target Portrait Studio. They were great and the photos turned out pretty darn good, but I am biased! I got to visit-very quickly- with Emily and the Christensen's, while the kids napped one day. I took off and got a 5 hour break from the kids. Gracie just celebrated her first birthday! So I had to take her a present since I was just missing the big day by one week. It was nice to see Sarah, Ryan and the girls and look forward to having them out for July 4th!!!!!

We left the springs on SuperBowl Sunday to meet my mom at the park and ride, so Luke could drive her truck home and drop me and the kids off for a few days with mom. It decided to snow and snow pretty hard. It was beautiful up at the house, but getting there was a battle. We slide down her "street"-and I use that term loosely!- sideways and had to use my floormats under the tires to get enough traction to make it up the hill. Long story- was more fun to look at from the inside out than to be outside! It cleared up and we drove home in time to host a Valentine's Day Playdate. We had a great time making valentine's with the kids and as always, eating way to much food. Then the plague hit. Luke and I got to go out on Friday night. At first, I thought maybe I had too much to drink...but it was much more than that. Horrible stomach cramps, vomiting and achy all over. Then it was Jolene who caught the bug. She's been puking and pooping(I use that term very "loosely") for almost 6 days. I took her in to the urgent care on Valentine's day, day two of the bug, and the doc told me she had thrush and gave me an rx. Wrong-o buck-o. You've got to be kidding me. Anyway, I did not fill his rx and now we are almost back to normal on day 6. What a waste of time and money that doc was. A huge thanks to my mom for all of her help with the billion diapers we all have changed in the past week.