Monday, October 5, 2009

What happened to fall?

Umm, Mother Nature?! I think you missed a season. Where did fall go? We are now buried beneath 10 inches of snow and it's still coming down. There are no more beautiful trees with fall foliage. No more mid 60's sunny days(at least not in our forecast this week!). I suppose I'm ready. I did plan for chili tonight for dinner so subconsciously I must have known! I also picked a few grocery bags full of apples from our neighbors tree this past weekend. Just in time! I made a bunch of applesauce this morning and have the rest stored in the basement for the rest of winter.

Emmett has been quite the helping hand in the kitchen lately. He loves to pretend to help and sometimes gets his hands dirty. We cut out Halloween cookies the other night and he had more fun with the flour than the cookies. It was all over the floor and his clothes. He has also discovered that if he stands on my cabinet drawer pulls he can reach things on the counter i.e. chocolate chex mix.

Jolene goes in for her ear check /2 month visit this afternoon. She is definitely getting taller and is about 10.5 pounds. I give the full details when we get done with the appointment. She is really smiling alot these days and LOVES when Emmett tries to make her laugh. I think he is her favorite. Emmett wants to hold and feed Jolene by himself and thinks he can, but we are "secretly" holding her ourselves. It's really cute.