Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bad weather

We made another trip to Denver to see Dayven inducted into the Colorado School of Mines Hall of Fame. Luke and his folks went to the reception and cheered him on. Emmett and Jolene and I got to spend some time with my mom and one of the nights I went to a great sushi dinner with Chrissy, Nina and Angie. Luke and his folks, and I and the kids met up for brunch at Aunt Donna and Uncle Bob's on Saturday morning. Always great to see the family! The weather did not cooperate for the pumpkin festival we planned afterward, but we got to have a quick lunch with friends at the Canales household. Emmett loved getting to play with Jack, Aidan, and Ryleigh. Shawna was in town so I also got to have a mini-reunion with a few Alpha Phis. It was a great break from reality until we tried to head home. The road closed as we sat in traffic on icy roads. We decided to play it safe and head back up to mom's and try again the next day. Monday came and it was like de ja vu. Icy roads, slow speeds and this time we decided to push through. We were grateful to finally make it home but it made for a tough way to start the week and end a trip.