Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome 2008!

The second half our trip proved to be an eventful one. When leaving my parent's house in Loveland, it seems that we misplaced the keys to the Canales household and had no way to get into their house to feed their cat Scratch and we were going to stay there til they got back from Texas. They so graciously overnighted an another key, on Christmas eve no less, to Mark and Deb's house in Colorado Springs.(It turns out that I lost the keys. My mom just found them in her coat pocket, which I borrowed to keep warm while unloading our car)

We had a wonderful time in the Springs. Luke, Emmett and I met up with Deb, Amy and Mark at the Golden Bee outside the Broadmoor Hotel for lunch. This has become quite the tradition for us all. It is a great little spot for a glass of wine, a yard of beer and wonderful soup. Unfortunately, Mark had to return to work, but the rest of us took a walk around the lake at the Broadmoor. It was such a nice day that we had a drink on the patio outside the Hotel. It was a nice sunny way to finish our lunch tradition. We headed back to the homestead to relax and start making dinner. Emmett got to open one gift on Christmas eve. He sure was excited, but not as excited as Luke to put together his first of many
of Emmett's new toys. Emmett was just as excited the next morning when he took his first trip around his new music table. The music table has sure gotten him really close to walking(he actually took his first two steps on January 3rd!). We all proceeded to enjoy opening gifts and spending time together, along with eating yummy treats put together by Deb. The cousins called and we headed over to see their new loot left by Santa. Max got a new red bike and Liz got a microphone to sing along with the High School Musical kids and Hanna Montana. It was great to spend time with Matt and Becky and the kids(we can't wait to go camping with you all!).

The holiday seemed to pass quickly but looking forward to a new year. We ended our trip slightly early, due to a fussy kid and my sanity. It turned out to be a great decision: one-due to a storm that moved in the day we left and two- it turns out Emmett had/has an ear infection. Everyone is on the mend and recovering from the long trip.
If you are wondering, I have set up a makeshift desk in the middle of our living room to connect to the internet while the basement is still being worked on. They have almost finished the framing and we are waiting on the bid from the electrician before the drywall gets started. We probably have another month or two til it is done, and even then we still have to put down flooring and finish the bathroom. Those might get done by the end of the year. Carpet is expensive!
Congrats to our friends Emily and Charles! Charles proposed on Christmas Eve and they are planning a fall wedding. (and thanks for the pony....clippity clop, clippity clop. see video to follow) Happy new year to all!