Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New things

Emmett has mastered the art of "no". He now shakes his head from side to side when you say no. Then he laughs. Little stinker. We almost have "hi" down with a wave. I think he picked up a few things when our friend Tammy and her son Caleb came over for dinner the other night. Mike was away on a biz trip so we had a play date/dinner. Caleb is a very well behaved kiddo and plays well with E, even though E is not so good with sharing...still. He'll learn, we hope. Tammy has invited us sledding this week. We'll see if the minus degree temps subside before some winter time fun.
By the way, we are entering the ending stages of the basement finish. Drywall is going up and then texture. While this is happening I may not have Blog access. I will be back......with lots o pics!