Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Birthday

31 feels good. Happy, healthy and lots of friends and family. I planted this amaryllis a few weeks ago and it bloomed on my birthday. Very pretty and a great gift to myself!
My folks just left this morning. That is always hard when they leave. Watching them drive off gets me a little teary. They watched Emmett so Luke and I could have a fun dinner/drinks out on the town. Dad even dropped us off and picked us up, so there was no driving needed from either of us! Thank God, cause I haven't seen the inside of a bar in a long time....Mexi Margaritas are very strong and Luke and I split a pitcher! I think we stayed out until 9pm. Yes, that's it. It was a great time and I truly wanted to get home and check on Emmett. I know he was fine, but had to see for myself. I'm sure that gets easier?! Anyway, we had a great weekend of food, drink and lots of cards. Mom and I deserve a re-match!
My parents came up a few days early to head up to Bozeman, MT to trade in their 5th wheel camper for a motor home. (I meant to take pics and never got around to it.) It is very nice and spacious with ALL the amenities. Should be fun for their long vacations they like to take. Speaking of parents buying toys......Mark and Deb just bought a new boat at the lake. It is a very nice boat, much bigger than their other boat. Can't wait to enjoy it this summer!
We had a really big storm move in this morning. Lots of wind, but not much snow. Very ominous looking though.