Friday, January 18, 2008

Out for a while

Sorry all. I have not been feeling well the past few days. I am back on track and ready to update. Emmett is feeling better, bratty and spoiled as usual. He does not like to have things taken away from him, even when the nightlight he pulled from the wall is in his mouth.

The electricians have finally arrived and should be finished today!!! Yea!!! I am ready for the dust, exposed drywall and noise to be finished. We had a wall cut open for a doorway in between the dining room and the kitchen/living room. Emmett loves to pick at and eat the pieces of exposed drywall. Can't wait til Monday when it should be framed and covered! Not sure how much he ate....sure made a huge mess. Luke had a bar built in the basement to his liking. they even included space for a wine fridge! Should come in handy don't you think? Anyway the majority of the basement should be finished by next week if the stay on schedule.

Just in time for my folks to arrive! They are coming up on Wednesday and staying thru the weekend. Luke and I finally get a night away to enjoy adult dinner and drinks since Grammy and Grandpa agreed to watch him for the evening. YEA! Thanks in advance.

We have started taking Emmett to the pool on weekends. He was overly enjoying his time in the tub, so we thought he might need to blow off some steam. He loves to splash and kick, but he never closes his mouth. He probably drinks half the pool. I get to take him to the next swim tots class at the end of March. Should be pretty fun.
Speaking of March.... Emmett's first birthday! We will be home for a few days and are having a party at the Shack in Littleton. I have reserved the back room at the Shack on March 15th from 1-4pm, come and go as you please. Tv's for the fellows to watch March Madness, and cake and snacks for kids and friends. All are invited. Please put us on your calendars! I will send out more info closer to time.