Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a crappy weekend!

The kids and Luke and I have been sick with colds but the kids seemed to get worse this weekend. The events start with Emmett and I going to pick up Grammy so we could pick up our Bountiful Baskets of fruit and veggies. The delivery truck was delayed so the pickup time was pushed back about an hour. Bummer. So mom, Emmett and I took my car thru the carwash and went back to her house for a bit to wait. Emmett started saying that he needed to go home and was acting kinda tired. Well, he had just gotten some new window stickers from Grammy and he just wanted to go home and put them up...right? Anyway, we load up to get our baskets and I realize that I have missed a call from Luke. It seems that the water canal next to our house is stopped up and overflowing and we now have a river flowing threw our backyard. Me, being the water master for the association, needs to work on stopping the flood. Luke thinks he's got it for the time being and says to get the basket then head home. Mom and I decided that she and Emmett will stand in line for the baskets and by the time I get back, they should be done and I/Luke will pick them up. I drop them off at the front door and head home. Mom calls and says that Emmett is not feeling well and no longer wants to stand on his own. I am almost home and send Luke with Emmett's meter, juice and other supplies to help out mom. Meanwhile I call my friend Brandi who I know is in line for her basket, and ask her to find mom and help out with Emmett. Luke and I trade off at home, he tears off towards the hospital(where our pick up was for baskets) and I load Jolene, who has woken up from her nap, and take off to shut down water so I may try to stop the flood. Crisis averted with the flood. I shut off water and cleaned out stopped up grates and get back to meet mom and Emmett coming up the driveway. Emmett's blood glucose number was fine, but he still looked terrible. It hits me that we need to check him for ketones, stuff we just learned about on Monday while at the doctor. Luke had earlier in the week picked up all of the prescriptions except the ketone strips(cause they are crazy $$$$) and figured we could look into where we might get them less expensive, thinking that we won't need these anytime soon. I take off for the pharmacy and empty my wallet for the strips and get back to check Emmett's blood for ketones. They are sky high, meaning something is wrong. By the numbers written down by the dietitian, if the number was over 3, we should head to the ER. It was 3.3 so I first call Jodie our dietitian to check and she gave us the steps to start to bring it down. I am on the verge of mental breakdown at this point. Literally the shit hit the fan in all of 2 hours. Emmett's numbers recover to a normal range. Once Emmett was out of the woods, Mom and I opened a bottle of wine and tried to recover from the last 3 hours. I finally know for sure that Jolene takes after me....she picked up my empty wine glass and tries to sip/imitate from the glass. Girl of my own heart-see picture below! Then, Luke drives in with his new truck. After he took supplies to Emmett and mom, he went to the Ford Dealership and finally got his new F-150 ecoboost truck. It's awesome, but very overshadowed by the crazy day. Mom heads home(taking the backroads I'm sure--we had a few glasses ;) and we all settle in for the night. Jolene goes to bed with a snotty nose and terrible cough, but with a little Advil, I'm sure she'll be ok. Emmett decides he needs to watch a movie. Whatever. About 9 pm, the phone rings. It's the asshole whose pipe clogged and flooded our yard. He's pissed at me for shutting down water and arguing with me about stupid stuff-I won't bore you with the details. I hang up the phone and lose it. Tears, tears, tears-maybe too much wine, but I'm gonna argue a really tough day.

Luke and I are up most of the night with Jolene who can't sleep cause she's so stuffy and of course worried about Emmett. The kids on Sunday morning both look ok, a bit rough to start, but then perk up when it turns out to be a pretty sunny day and we all go outside for a bit. The kids hopped in the bed of Daddy's new truck and played while dad played too- checking out all the buttons, etc. After awhile, we headed back in(it's still cold ya know) and Jolene wants to watch a movie. Whatever. Sick kids get just about anything they want just so they are comfortable and not whining. Luke, Jolene and Emmett wind up falling asleep on the couch. A much needed little snooze. Then Emmett wakes up and is roasting. 103. and the ketones are back. and he is almost in tears saying he doesn't feel good. OK- call Grammy in for duty one more time to stay with Jolene cause we are taking Emmett to the ER. They put in an IV for fluids, took some labs and then we waited. The doctor came in and told us that he had an ear infection in the right ear, which is causing all of the diabetes issues. Whenever a diabetic is sick, their numbers are thrown way off. We were in the ER for about 4 hours total. While Emmett is finally starting to perk up, Mom thinks Jolene is getting worse. I had to stop at the pharmacy, again, to pick up an antibiotic for Emmett to start in the morning and then head home to possibly take Jolene to Urgent Care to see what is going on with her. I just happened to text Brandi while I was at the pharmacy and she informed me that Urgent Care had closed five minutes ago. Poor Joey. More Advil for her and pray tonight is not as bad as last and I'll take her in tomorrow after Emmett's follow up appointment with his doctor. While driving home I called Chrissy to whine. I knew who hadn't heard my woes yet and would be the best person to call. And she was...always is. Doctor Chrissy prescribed at least two glasses of wine for my troubles. For once I will follow doctors orders!

As I sit here in front of my space heater, just after reading Emmett night time books, sipping on my cocktail, it feels as if it was all a dream. Except that I am exhausted and drained and probably going to bed-once my cocktail is finished.