Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day weekend

I got to make the most of the Mother's day weekend. Starting with Friday eve, when Jessica and I got to drive up to Billings. We signed up for the Womens Run on Saturday morning and decided it would be better if we stayed in Billings the night before. What that translates to is "we get to go out in Billings without kids!". Jess and I had a reasonable amount of wine and made our way to about three places. We split the most amazing goat cheese and fig pizza. I could have one right now.....We got and ran the next morning despite the looming bad weather. It actually was not too bad until an hour or so after the race, when it started to drizzle. Jessica and I wound up being 40 and 35th in our age group of 400 + women, and running 2miles in about 19 mins. There was about 8500 women total signed up for the race. Pretty awesome to be a part of something that big. We got to do some fun shopping after the race and once again we were very excited to be sans kiddos. Jessica's husband and kids met her up in Billings that afternoon and I drove home to continue the great weekend. I awoke on Sunday morning to both kids in bed with a huge singing card and a new bead for my bracelet. They were pretty excited about the singing card. We spent Sunday afternoon at mom's for a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine. Nothing like getting to consume a whole weekend on myself!
Happy Mother's Day to you all!
Jessica has the pics from the race-since I forgot my camera! I will post when I get them.