Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New pump

We headed to Billings to have some training on Emmett's new insulin pump. He is excited(only cause it's blue-otherwise I don't think he knew what was about to happen.) to have a "vacation" with just mom and dad in Billings and get to stay overnight in a HOTEL! Grammy stayed with Jolene so we could spend this time with Emmett and only focus on him while we were learning this whole new process. Emmett did very well during our two hour training and got to pick out a new toy afterwards and then treated to a boomerang burger at Outback for dinner. The first night was a bit rocky but went to the doctor the next morning and worked out the kinks-literally. It seems there were some air bubbles in the tubing that caused a lack of insulin which in turn caused high blood glucose numbers. Since then, we have not becomes pros, but are well on our way to making sure Emmett does not have four shots a day anymore! He is VERY excited about no more shots. We just have to change the site of his tubing every three days. He is very unsure about this and takes a bit of bribing to get it done. But if you recall back in September when all of this started, that was the case as well AND it was four times a day that we were bribing him. If you ask him what his favorite part about the trip was, he'll tell you that he got to stay in a HOTEL and eat breakfast in bed. it's the little things ya know?