Monday, April 4, 2011

just got back

So I just got back from a visit to see my sister and drive back with mom from her trip. Chrissy and Mom picked me up from the airport on Thursday and we met up with a few friends for dinner. It was a great happy hour/dinner with everyone. A few people had to skip out and that was a bummer, but I had a great time catching up Sam, Jane, the Christensen's, Nina and Troy, and Julie with her kiddos. It was bittersweet seeing Julie because I knew I had to say goodbye for awhile. Carl and Julie moved to New Hampshire over the weekend. I am not sure when I will get out to visit, but hopefully sometime this year. I couldn't believe the kids! Sydney looks like Julie with Carl's skintone- and a stringbean! Jack was a mini-Carl- with awesome curly locks.(I thought we had gotten pictures but it seems not! I appear toasted in every picture, but I swear I only had 3 beers!) We drove back to Ft. Collins and got to check out Chrissy's new place. Perfect spot and a large space for her and roommate Jen. Chrissy took me on her 3.5 mile run on Friday after work. I would call what I did more like jog-catch breath-jog...etc. Not sure Chrissy even broke a sweat. I was worked. But it showed me the true difference between running on a treadmill and running outside. The porch was a super great spot to enjoy some wine on Friday night with friend Lori and her son, Ben. All the while, Mom and I got to have some fun shopping at Whole Foods and such on Friday and Saturday. I got to have lunch with Ken on Saturday as well. He looks really good and we had a really nice lunch. Afterward, Mom, Chrissy and I went to Dancing Pines Distillery. OH GOODNESS! They make an espresso liqueur that is so delicious and they have an upcoming release of Creme Brulee liquor that we got to sample. YUM. Mom got an espresso martini, I got a carmel apple martini and Chrissy got a bourbon something that was so strong she couldn't finish it(mostly cause she was driving!). Then, Chrissy and I went out for sushi on Saturday night with drink at a jazz club after. It was a great way to spend the weekend. Maybe a bit less wine after we got home on Saturday, since we had an 8 hour drive back to Cody the next morning- in the snow. Good times.