Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emmett and Luke go hiking

It was a bit chilly for Jolene and I to join the boys in a hike up Heart Mountain this weekend, so we went to Billings with Mom instead. Our trip was uneventful, but the boys had fun! Luke and Emmett joined some friends-Jaren and Tara, Justin and Judy and Jake and Morissa on their hike up Heart Mountain. Luke and Emmett went for as far as they thought they could go and made it to the big meadow before the mud and snow was just too much. Luke had brought the backpack to carry Emmett when he had had enough. Luke and Emmett went down and had lunch in the car and went home for naps. The rest of the crew made it to the top. They said it was thigh deep snow in spots but the view form the top was worth it. Mom and I got home just in time for Jolene and I to change clothes and join in their BBQ. The kids rode their trikes around and had a ball, trying to soak up the last bit of sunshine for the day.