Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays

This holiday was such a good time. We certainly missed having Dad with us, and Ken was not able to make the trip. Not having the complete family is just not the same but we celebrated the spirit of the season with them in mind. Mom, Chrissy and I got to have ladies night out and had a good time. Nothing like the Tarvin women drinking wine and 'tinis, eating fried green tomatoes! We had many nice dinners during the visit. Started off with a huge ham, that we discovered Emmett loves! He's not much of a meat eater, but he wolfed down some ham. Luke had to work the first days of the week, so Mom, Chrissy and I, plus kiddos, went to Red Lodge for the scenery and really good food at the Wine Bar. On Christmas eve, we piled into the car for a drive around Cody to see some lights. Emmett had received a new camera from Aunt Chrissy right before we left. His pictures are really funny and I will have an entire post of just his photography. Christmas morning started at 7am. We unwrapped one gift at a time and then let Emmett play with his new toy for a bit. All the while, breakfast was being cooked and we snacked while he opened when he was ready to move on to the present. Jolene didn't have a clue. She wound up napping midway thru the morning and woke up halfway thru the gifts in the basement(i.e. unwrapped larger items that Santa had left under the other tree.) We had a really wonderful Christmas and such a great visit with my mom and Chrissy. It went all to fast and can't believe it's almost a week past the big day. Emmett is already asking when Santa is coming back and where are his presents. Long way to go to already be getting those questions.

Jolene started her first foods this past week. Not a huge fan. Lots of funny faces and lots of sweet potatoes on her bib.