Monday, December 14, 2009

2nd Annual Cookie Exchange

This past Friday, I hosted the 2nd Annual cookie exchange with a bunch of my girlfriends. It was a huge turnout with 12 adults and 21 kids! We had a huge spread of sweet breads and muffins, crescent roll bites with artichokes and cheese, dips and chips and I could go on and on.....
The special treat this year was to decorate graham cracker houses. I pre-assembled the roofs and the houses and the moms had to frost the houses and make sure their kids didn't eat all the decorations. I failed miserably at the second part. I think Emmett had about 10 gumdrops before I realized what was going on. Next year I will think of a different craft. or use hot glue. The roofs all collapsed and most moms wound up tossing them cause they no longer resembled a house, but were a large pile of frosted graham crackers with half eaten candy on them. It was a great time none the less and look forward to many years of cookie exchanges!!!