Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fun week

We had a great week seeing friends and holiday outings. Our friend Carl Canales was in Cody this past week for work and stayed two nights with us. It was really nice to see him and get to hear stories about his son, Jack. I was secretly hoping that Julie was going to show up with him....no such luck!! Can't wait to see you in December!!!!!!! It sounds like Jack and Emmett will be such good friends and will have a great time playing together.

Saturday began with a picture with Santa at Walmart. Emmett's first time meeting Santa and he was a little bit afraid(he wasn't a very good looking Santa so that could be our fault!!) Emmett started out looking startled and wary. Then came the tears. He takes after his Dad whom was terribly scared of Santa for a long time. We then moved on to the Holiday Open House at the Museum. It was a great time to take our first look at the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum. Lots of beautiful decorations and many things to do for young kids. Had I known that the real Santa was actually at the museum, Emmett's first experience may have been a better one. Hopefully he will forget and next year will be wonderful. Our next door neighbor, Kelly, and his a few of his 6th grade classmates had a jazz concert at the open house that we got to enjoy. There were many performances and even a Little Miss Snowflake pageant ongoing at the Holiday Open House. Little Miss Snowflake was really cute. She started belting out Yankee Doodle while we were walking by. It was hysterical and maybe what won her the tiara!

Later that Saturday evening our friends, Mike, Tammy and Caleb came over for a Parmesan Chicken cook off. It was a really to close to call. It was a fun night with some drinks and very tasty dinner.

Sunday was potato soup day!!! I love having the ham bone left after Thanksgiving because it means we get to have yummy potato soup. The neighbors came over to help us enjoy the enormous pot of soup on a really cold and never-ending windy day. The wind has been so terrible the last two days and it is predicted to continue for 1-2 more! Wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour.

Counting down the days in which we get to drive back to Denver and visit with all of our family and friends. 10 days til we leave. I have started my holiday baking and preparations for holiday get togethers when we get back!!! Love to all!!