Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in Loveland

Luke, Emmett and I began our journey on Friday, December 14th after Luke finished work.  We drove straight to Greeley to be there for Amy's Graduation on Saturday.  Congratulations to the new Grad!  It was really great to see all of the family and friends who joined in celebrating Amy's great achievement.  On Sunday we headed to Ft. Collins to have family haircut day with Jen.  She is really great!  I can't believe the wonderful job she did on a squiggly 9 month old(as you will see in pictures).  Then on to see Chrissy.  She made us a wonderful lunch and Emmett met his first kitty, Daisy.  Not sure he really liked that experience.  He cried and crawled as fast as he could in the other direction when Daisy sniffed him.  Chrissy recently lost her cat of 14 years, Norman. Chrissy really loved him even when no one else would.  We will miss Norman.  Then up to Grammy's for two days.  We baked cookies and relaxed a bit.  Then on to Denver.  We stopped in the Littleton house to touch up and clean up a few things.  It's going to sell for sure now!  I buried the Saint Joseph statue in the front yard for hopes of selling soon.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed.  Luke, Emmett and I enjoyed dinner with the Gieb's and Eric and then rested up at Bob and Donna's.  (can you tell we are on the move?!)  Then on to meet up with Julie, Carl and Jack Canales.  We had so much fun with the two boys.  They
 tried to pluck out each other's binkys and Jack
 tried to teach Emmett how to share toys.  Emmett does not know how to share toys as he doesn't have too many kids his age to play with currently.   Jack was very generous and patient when Emmett would take a toy out of his hands and take off with it.   The boys took their first bath together.  It took Emmett a bit to take in all the floaty to
ys and big tub but he eventually came around.  Emmett and Jack exchanged gifts and played with the bows, paper and maybe their new toys they each got.  The adults got to enjoy Chinese food one evening, a huge 
Italian dinner and trivial pursuit-Genius edition on another(not sure who's idea it was to play the genius edition after a few glasses
of wine?!).  Luke and I finally got to take Emmett out in the snow on Friday.  It snowed for a good part of the afternoon and into the evening.   Snow is so pretty when it is not blowing sideways!    

On Saturday, Luke, Emmett, Ken and I drove up to Loveland to enjoy christmas dinner with Chrissy and the parents.  Gre
at meal mom!  This morning we had Christmas.  Emmett had already partially 
ripped open one of his gifts with Grammy before anyone had even gotten up.  He sure loves the wrapping paper but you have to be on alert cause he loves to put it in his mouth.  He'll be pooping
 pretty paper by morning!  We had a wonderful time exchanging gifts and drinking Mimosas.   Luke gave Mom a strange moose bowl that is starting to grow on us all.  It might become the gift that gets passed on throughout the family.  Lookout for next year, Tarvin and Anderson Clans!