Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Let's see....not sure where I left off. I believe I was busy. ;) I hosted my 3rd annual cookie exchange this year, which was really fun and I'm gonna make a few changes for next year. NO MORE GINGERBREAD HOUSES!! I still have frosting in the cracks of my wood floors. The end product looks like a gift box, not a house-still cute, but too much work for us moms that are supposed to be enjoying the morning. The cookies were great and we were all exhausted when it was all said and done. Then came the Holly Trolley. This was a MOPS-ish event and about 30 moms boarded a trolley(after tailgating, I must add!) and it took us around to see the lights of Cody. Afterward, we were treated to a lasagna dinner at the Terrace. It was nice, but Brandi and I, plus Amy decided to take off and go out on the town. We went and had a few cocktails at a bar downtown called TJ's and then dropped Brandi off. Amy asked about one more beer at the bar next to her I'm gonna say no?! Anyway, I was home around midnight. Then came Monday night, which was Wine Club night. So much fun, but way to much wine. Lucky me that the kids decided to sleep in the next morning. EXCEPT that we had to be at mom's new house at 8am to let the movers in. Luke had to drive over to the house while I got Emmett ready for school, dressed Jolene for the day and maybe change my clothes if I had time. I was able to drop Emmett off with Dawn, whose boy Jaren goes to school with Emmett, and she took the boys to school. This way I could relieve Luke who still needed to go home and shower for work. Then, I got to try and direct the movers where to put mom's things. She did a very good job of writing out a list of things, but I had to call her several times(while she was driving up to Cody) to find out which item was a hutch and hoosier and china cabinet. It made for a long day, but was worth it to see mom drive up in her motorhome. We unpacked a few items and attempted a glass of wine(none for me thanks!) That's when the flu hit. Emmett was up most of the night getting sick, while Luke was feeling nauseous on the couch. Emmett was a bit better by morning but Luke was worse for the wear. I, in the meantime, had a sour stomach the day before(too much wine?) and still had one all day. I had previously been baking like crazy for the MOPS Christmas party on weds morning. I dropped off my goodies and hightailed it out of there, back to the house of sickness. All that work and I didn't get to enjoy any of it. The girls said it was a great time. There is always next year. Mom flew home this Sunday morning and is driving the last of her things with Chrissy on Tuesday. Should be fun having Aunt Chrissy in town. The kids are pretty excited...only 2(maybe three-depending on if they get here before bedtime!) sleeps til she gets here!