Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week of fun

Mom and I packed up the kids and left for Loveland on Sunday for a week. We decided to split the trip and camp in the motorhome in Casper and then drive the rest on Monday. That worked out great and Emmett really loved getting to ride with Grammy in the motorhome. Early that week, we got to meet Chrissy's new boyfriend, Brian, when they came up for dinner one night. He is a very nice guy and he likes to drink wine. Love him already. Emmett, Jolene and I got to visit with Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark for a day. We had lunch at a train depot and played with the cousins. I finally got a hold of the Canales' and we stopped by to say hello before heading back up to mom's house. The kids had a ball playing with their long lost friends(even Jolene and Sydney only met when they were a few months old!). I loved getting to catch up with Julie and Carl. SO good to see them, even when it meant keeping the kids up til after 9 pm! The upcoming weekend was exciting, cause I got to leave the kids with mom and have a weekend of reunion with my Alpha Phi girls. It was our 50th year on campus and they threw a big celebration for us. For the most part, Vanessa, Kate, Sam, Jenny, Jane, Sara, Theresa and Holly were the group to start with. Of course we met up with many other girls through out the weekend. Lots of memories + lots of alcohol(which led to lot so dancing!) = lots of fun! I was excited to see the kids on Sunday and get home on Monday to see Luke. But what a fantastic week spent with family and friends!