Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bomar/Aragon reception

Mom came back up to watch the kids so Luke and I could fly out to Denver, then drive up to Vail to visit with Sara and Eric. It was nice to be able to spend some time with them and friends, as well as have some time to ourselves! We stayed Friday night with Sara and Eric at their place in Eagle Vail, and then the second night we shared a room with Jenny and Doug in Beaver Creek. The reception was at an open air pavilion just up the road from Eric's place and it was a gorgeous day. Almost too warm for the sweaters I packed! October in just never know! After the party ended at the reception, quite a few people went back to Sara and Eric's house for the after party that lasted well into the night. There were lots of fun people and lots of olives and pickles to be eaten. Sara decided to have party games for leftover bottles of wine and Vodka. She had people eating cups of olives and tons of pickles while the rest of us were chanting them on. It was definitely a sight.

We just barely caught the tailend of the leaves changing colors. What we did see was certainly beautiful. So glad we got to be a part of their big day.