Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun weekend

This weekend was filled with event after event and now I am tired! It starts off with having to take Jolene to the doctor on Friday. She's got an ear infection! We noticed some drainage coming from her right ear and thought that it was good- the tubes are working! Then after the third day of drainage, I took her in and she's on drops to try and heal the infection. She's been a bit crabby and learning to scream/yell/banshee cry to get your attention. Ready for her to feel better....

We took Emmett to the pool on Saturday so he could show Dad the new fish slide that the rec center installed. Emmett loves it and gets to play on it during his swim classes that he is in this month. Luke loves to swim with Emmett and teach him new things and just have some play time in the pool. Jolene and I sat on the side and put our feet in the pool. She's not a fan, but it could be the crabbyness from the ear infection. We'll keep trying. After the pool, we walked over to the library where they had a Winter festival. They had kettle corn, face painting, a balloon artist, storytellers and speakers. Emmett sat down for the storyteller and after a few minutes he turned around and loudly said "Mom, she doesn't have a book." and his interest was gone. He is used to toddler time at the library where she reads from several books and sings and plays games. This was not so much for him. So, we moved on to the balloon guy where he asked for a black sword. Done. asked for a red car painted on his face. Done. and got to eat a brownie and some popcorn before we left. Later that night, I got to celebrate (early) my birthday with a few girls out on the town. We started at Shiki for sushi and ended up dancing at the Silver Dollar after a few more cocktails. It's been awhile since I've been out and it showed this morning when I crept out of the bedroom and begged Luke for one of his breakfast sandwiches "with bacon please!!!"

Today, Luke put up the last of the drywall behind the bar and now we can start looking for a bargain on cabinets and the countertop. Should be finished by the end of the year ;)