Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emmett and I baked on my birthday and decided to wear our aprons together. He is such a little helper in the kitchen these days....

Nothing to exciting for the 33rd birthday. Luke brought home Shiki fried rice so I didn't have to cook and Emmett and I made chocolate cupcakes with an oreo frosting...from scratch. They were ok, but the fried rice was awesome.
You may notice the picture of Emmett sleeping on the couch, curled up in fetal position. He was in trouble for taking out 2 pages of the photo album that his Aunt Chrissy made for his 1st birthday. He still won't tell me where they are-little stinker! Anyway, he was told to stay on the loveseat til he told me where the pages were or he could wait til daddy came home. He stayed on that loveseat for almost two hours and fell asleep from boredom. At least it was quiet for a bit.
Last night, it was soooo foggy that we couldn't see the neighbor's lights. The frost we had because of it was really pretty this morning.