Friday, November 6, 2009

Playing pretend

Emmett has been pretty imaginative lately. He is always asking if we would like dinner and pretend to serve us pizza or hot dogs or some crazy made up dish. The other day, he calls me into the hallway. He has my bamboo steamer and a bib waiting for me. He tells me and Jolene(in my arms) to sit down. and Surprise! It's my birthday and he's made me this cake(steamer). He puts the bib on me and asks me to blow out the candles while he takes a picture. (think I take too many pictures?!) I pretend to blow out my candles and take a bite. Then I said "Wow Emmett! This is really great cake. Is it chocolate cake?" You'd have thought I asked the dumbest question in the world. "Nooooo, Mom! It's BIRTHDAY cake, not chocolate!" Ohhhhh. duh mom. Anyway he's quite the pretend chef.

Jolene has approached the 16th week. Her smiles keep getting bigger and bigger. I got stopped three times in Albertsons today. She must have a grandma magnet in her diaper cause she can really draw them in!