Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The park is officially open!

Mom, Chrissy and Ken came up for a quick weekend trip to visit and we spent the whole time in Yellowstone. It was great weather, which wasn't what I expected(hence, we all packed for cooler weather!). We really got to see the majority of the park on Saturday and then stayed the night at Mammoth Hot Springs. The next morning we got going early to head out of the park and have lunch in Cooke City. This is the part of the trip where we got to see all of the wildlife. Luke hates when I say "where are all the moose?" or "How come I haven't seen a bear?". His reply is "Remember honey, this is not a zoo!!!!". Whatever. We got to see (up close mind you) a grizzly, a moose in the far distance, a few coyotes(darn wolves!), and millions of elk and buffalo. It was a great trip that was over way too quickly.
We also celebrated Mother's Day and Chrissy's and Mom's Birthdays while they were here. I made a very "healthy" Chocolate cake with an almond cheesecake layer, topped with a super chocolately frosting over the whole thing!