Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, another year passes us by. We had a wonderful steak dinner last night and enjoyed the time spent together as a family. Emmett went to bed and we continued watching lots of tv marathons. I think we nodded off around 11:30pm. We continue to live vicariously thru those who actually see the stroke of midnight! Luke was able to polish off the bottle of Champagne before falling asleep!

It is a beautiful day here in Cody for the first day of the year. The snow is gently falling and is very beautiful. Luke finished packing away the tree and hauling Christmas boxes to the storage room. The house looks back to normal. Now, we are about to enjoy a pot of green chili by the fire while watching football. Is there a better start to the new year?
I thought the picture was appropriate. He looks very intoxicated. Must be the markers.....
Happy New Year everyone!