Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming...

I held a Christmas cookie play date on Wednesday that was a ton of fun. It was the ladies that normally get together and have play dates along with a few extra moms. Everyone brought a plate of cookies and their appetites! The cookies were delicious and we had a nice spread of dips, chips and other munchies. The kids were very well behaved and all played so nicely together. When nap time became apparent for many kiddos, everyone pitched in and helped pick up toys and headed for home. We will definitely have a second annual Christmas Cookie play date next year.

I finally got my Christmas cards in the mail and Luke and I stayed up to address them last night so they could go out this morning. I am so far behind this year..... We have gotten so many great cards in the mail. Wonderful family photos and beautiful wedding photos, and even a cute pop-up card from Great Grandma Yorty(Emmett has already demolished that one)!

All the presents are finally wrapped! That took a bit. I had to wait until nap time so I didn't have any help! At the cookie party, somebody had gotten into the closet where some of the gifts were stored. They had pulled out Emmett's presents(not wrapped at the time!) and Emmett and another little boy were playing with them. At least I know he will enjoy them Christmas morning! We can't have any presents under the tree until at least Christmas eve. Emmett just tears into them. This should be a really great Christmas!
Amy graduates from the Police Academy today! A big congrats goes out to her for all of her hard work and dedication. Sorry we can't be there, but you know we are behind you all the way!